About Choices Women’s Clinic

Choices Women’s Clinic exists to encourage and equip women and men to make informed pregnancy decisions. We do not benefit financially from any decision a patient makes and we do not charge for our services. We believe that women and men are capable of making their own choices when given accurate information.

Many of our patients did not plan on getting pregnant and they are facing difficult choices. Our goal is for each patient to make her own decision after she has received all the resources and information applicable to her situation. If pregnant, some choose to parent, some choose to place for adoption, and some choose to end their pregnancy and have an abortion.

With over 30 years of experience providing free and confidential services to patients in Greater Orlando, we’re here when you find yourself unsure of whether you are pregnant, and when you don’t know all of your options. We’re here when you need a free and confidential space to have your questions answered.